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Meet Tony Ashton: Chief Product Officer at One Model


The One Model team is excited to announce that Tony Ashton has moved from Vice President of Product Management at SAP SuccessFactors to be the Chief Product Officer at One Model.

One Model is an Austin-based HR technology company, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Tony will join our Brisbane, Australia office, which headquarters our rapidly growing engineering team.

With over seventeen years of experience leading the people analytics product team at SAP SuccessFactors and before that, Infohrm (acquired by SuccessFactors), Tony brings a wealth of product leadership experience to the quickly-growing HR technology startup.

“One Model is doing the most exciting, innovative work in the people analytics space today,” asserts Ashton. “No other company in the world is going as deep or innovating as fast as One Model in HR data modeling and the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the field of people analytics.”

As One Model’s Chief Product Officer, Tony will play an instrumental role in driving One Model’s product innovation strategy and bringing the company's vision to life across our People Analytics Infrastructure, One AI, and Trailblazer offerings.

“This strategic hire will support One Model as it continues to remain a market leader in product innovation, development, and people analytics strategy on a global scale,” says Stacia Damron, Senior Marketing Manager. “Scaling our team is the next step; the right hires will be instrumental in the creation and evolution of our offerings, and in our commitment in the alignment of those offerings with both current and future customers needs.”

One Model CEO, Chris Butler, is thrilled with this addition to the team. “Tony is without doubt the highest calibre and most experienced product leader in the people analytics domain. I am incredibly excited about the capability that Tony brings to drive our product forward and focus on the success of our customers" says Butler.

About One Model

One Model provides a data management platform and comprehensive suite of people analytics directly from various HR technology platforms to measure all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Use our out-of-the-box integrations, metrics, analytics, and dashboards, or create your own as you need to. We provide a full platform for delivering more information, measurement, and accountability from your team. Learn more at onemodel.co.

About One AI 

Tony is instrumental in leading the One AI team. Making HR machine learning transparent and accessible to all is a key differentiator between One Model and other People Analytics tools on the Market. Tony's passion for building the community is unprecidented.

Learn more about One AI.


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