4 Diversity Metrics that Measure Your DE&I Success

4 Diversity Metrics that Measure Your DE&I Success
Is your company meeting its diversity goals? More importantly, if it is, are you adequately measuring diversity and inclusion success? While we may have the best intentions, today’s companies need to...
4 Diversity Metrics that Measure Your DE&I Success

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July 20, 2020 Stacia Damron

VIDEO: One Model Presentation at HR.com event "People Analytics for the COVID Reset" by Nicholas Garbis

One Model recently took part in HR.com's "Inspire 2020" virtual symposium. Nicholas Garbis, One Model's VP of People Analytics Strategy,...
October 10, 2019 Stacia Damron

One Model Welcomes APAC Region Sales Leader, Bruce Chadburn

One Model welcomes Bruce Chadburn as the new APAC Region Sales Leader. Bruce has a long history of successful sales in the HR domain and...
April 23, 2019 Stacia Damron

Meet Tony Ashton: Chief Product Officer at One Model

The One Model team is excited to announce that Tony Ashton has moved from Vice President of Product Management at SAP SuccessFactors to be...
April 15, 2019 Stacia Damron

Visit the One Model Team at Impact 2019

One Model is pleased to be a sponsor for the upcoming Bersin/ Deloitte IMPACT 2019 conference this April 15-17 in Phoenix, Arizona.
December 3, 2018 Stacia Damron

AI Academy: What's predictive analytics & what can HR do with it?

Wouldn't it be incredible to predict the future? Let's ask 63-year-old Joan Ginther. She's arguably one of the luckiest women in the world.
November 8, 2018 Stacia Damron

AI Academy: What is Machine Learning?

What's machine learning? Is it artificial intelligence? Deep learning? Is it black magic, or better yet, just a phrase the industry's...
October 12, 2018 Stacia Damron

Workplace Trust - 58% of People Trust Strangers More than Their Own Boss

It’s a great time to be in management, right? According to a Harvard Business Review survey, we live in a world where trust is at an all...
September 26, 2018 Stacia Damron

There are more CEOs named David than there are women CEOs.

It’s sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. According to the New York Times, 4.2% of women held CEO roles in America’s 500 largest companies....
September 11, 2018 Stacia Damron

HRExaminer Adds One Model to "Most Interesting AI Companies in HR Tech" Watchlist

Today, at The HR Technology Conference and Exposition, HRExaminer unveiled its 2019 Watchlist - "The Most Interesting AI Vendors in HR...
July 26, 2018 Stacia Damron

One Model Launches New Website

One Model is keen on ensuring our customers have an exceptional experience interacting with both our software and team alike. That...
June 28, 2018 Stacia Damron

One Model Announces Greenhouse Integration

One Model is excited to officially announce that today, we launched our new integration with Greenhouse Software, the fastest growing...
March 30, 2018 Stacia Damron

Why is a Tech Startup Blogging about Spring Cleaning?

How did Spring cleaning become a thing, and why do we do it? It’s officially March. Daylight savings has us up an hour earlier, the...
March 13, 2018 Stacia Damron

One Model Announces One AI

The One Model team is pleased to announce its official launch ofOne AI. The new tool integrates cutting-edge machine learning...
February 14, 2018 Stacia Damron

One Model Announces Updated 2018 Trade Show Schedule

Find our team in a city near you, and stop by in person to learn more about our workforce analytics solutions. February 9, 2018 - Austin, TX