VIDEO: "Lightning Round Learning, Strategic Workforce Planning, pt. 1"

There are whole books written about Workforce Planning. I read them and enjoy them (maybe even more than I would like to admit). I will include a short list below for your reference.

So, what can be added to the body of thought leadership on this topic? 

My former SWP colleague, Phil Mische and I got together (in person!) to discuss some elements of SWP and decided to create a video hitting on a handful of topics in rapid succession.  We decided to call it "Lightning Round Learning."

As background, Phil and I worked together on successfully designing and implementing SWP at scale at a global financial services firm. It was an intense experience but was the greatest test of everything that I had wanted SWP to be. Nothing is perfection, especially in year one of a multi-year journey, but it was world-class SWP and we each have an abundance of learnings to share. 

We listed out several topic ideas and then selected these in real-time, then hit each of them for a few minutes each:

  • Operationalization of SWP
  • Technology (data, tools, models)
  • Granularity of Skills data
  • Change Management
  • Strategic v. Operational workforce planning

There is way more depth on each of these elements -- we could easily have filled most of a day unloading our experiences -- and there are many other elements of SWP that we didn't cover.

So, sit back and check out the video below. Then do these 2 things:

  1. Schedule time to chat with me on SWP, People Analytics, or One Model more generally.
  2. Let me know what SWP elements you think we should cover in Part 2! You can message me here or post your comment to LinkedIn here.


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Workforce Planning Book List:

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Nicholas was the Vice President of People Analytics Strategy at One Model from 2020 to 2022, bringing 15+ years of experience in people analytics & workforce planning to help One Model's customers to establish their analytics and planning strategies. Nicholas also contributes to product innovations based on his experience with customers and his previous roles building and leading people analytics teams. Nicholas also contributes to thought leadership through content and presentations, such as his recent eBook " Explore the Power of People Analytics"

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