From Data to Decisions: What Is People Analytics?

From Data to Decisions: What Is People Analytics?
Human resources (HR) departments play a crucial role in shaping a company's success by managing its most valuable asset — its workforce. But traditional HR practices often rely on gut feelings,...
From Data to Decisions: What Is People Analytics?

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May 23, 2023 Phil Schrader

Why HR teams should monitor net hires

We recently sat down with Culture Curated’s Season Chapman and Yuliana Lopez to ask them which metrics were their favourite and Yuliana...
May 9, 2023 Joe Grohovsky

Do Not Allow Your People Analytics Tactics to Become “The Noise Before Defeat”

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."- Sun Tzu Complex people...
March 15, 2023 Phil Schrader

Urgent Report Request! What is the Cost of New Hires and Terminations?

It's an all too common scenario: a rush request coming in from the leadership team, in this case leadership in the finance department. They...
February 8, 2023 Phil Schrader

How to Calculate the Cost of Turnover to Combat Voluntary Resignation Reasons

Turnover is the strongest signal you get from your workforce. Someone worked here, and — for one reason or another — it didn’t work out....
March 14, 2022 Chris Butler

7 Secrets Every CHRO Should Know About People Analytics

A major shift has occurred in Human Resources over the past five years. The world went from a handful of companies experimenting with...
June 3, 2021 Tony Ashton

Product Update - Embedded Insights

As you saw in the last One Model product update we are really focused on delivering a compelling capability for Storytelling with Data. Our...
April 27, 2021 Nicholas Garbis

VIDEO: "Lightning Round Learning, Strategic Workforce Planning, pt. 1"

There are whole books written about Workforce Planning. I read them and enjoy them (maybe even more than I would like to admit). I will...
September 26, 2018 Stacia Damron

There are more CEOs named David than there are women CEOs.

It’s sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. According to the New York Times, 4.2% of women held CEO roles in America’s 500 largest companies....