VIDEO: Projecting Future Diversity - Tightening the Turning Radius of Your Organization

Yes, it's 'Whiteboard Time' again!

In this blog post, we are sharing a video recording on the topic of modeling future diversity levels using a basic example explained in a whiteboard learning session. We will also include a simple, downloadable tool in Excel (link below).

The video starts with a quick look at a Diversity storyboard from One Model's demo environment where sample data has been set up for sharing design ideas with current and prospective customers. This is aimed at a broad audience of HR leaders and managers who would automatically see just their own areas of responsibility (with ability to filter further). This structure is a 'storyboard' in that it uses clearly stated questions followed by relevant metrics in a set of 'tiles' intentionally designed to shorten the time from question to insight.

VIDEO: click below to launch the video. Beneath the video you will see the download link for the basic diversity modeling worksheet.


PROJECTION MODEL: click below to download the Excel-based tool that is referenced in the video.  It includes some basic instructions as well.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 152712


Click here to Download the Diversity Projection Model

Please reach out with any feedback or suggestions for this topic area -- and to let us know of other topics you would like to see us covering in a future session.

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