Here's the People Data Cloud™️ Approach to HR Security

Here's the People Data Cloud™️ Approach to HR Security
People analytics deals with extremely sensitive information. We rely on it as a critical ingredient for the business to gather insights into employee performance, satisfaction, and engagement....
Here's the People Data Cloud™️ Approach to HR Security

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November 17, 2022 Hayley Bresina

Go Beyond the Rooney Rule, Try Diverse Slate Hiring

The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview ethnic-minority candidates for head coaching...
November 2, 2022 Jamie Strnisha

Using Diversity Reporting to Give Everyone an Equal Opportunity to Succeed

Fundamentally, people analytics is about using research and data to reduce the mistakes of human bias. Consistently collecting and...
October 20, 2022 Stacia Damron

4 Diversity Metrics that Measure Your DE&I Success

Is your company meeting its diversity goals? More importantly, if it is, are you adequately measuring diversity and inclusion success?...
November 20, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

VIDEO: Projecting Future Diversity - Tightening the Turning Radius of Your Organization

Yes, it's 'Whiteboard Time' again!In this blog post, we are sharing a video recording on the topic of modeling future diversity levels...
September 26, 2018 Stacia Damron

There are more CEOs named David than there are women CEOs.

It’s sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. According to the New York Times, 4.2% of women held CEO roles in America’s 500 largest companies....
January 18, 2016 Mike West

The Work of Freedom is Not Finished : People Analytics and Diversity.

January 18th, 2016 In the 53 years that has passed since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his I Have a Dream speech America has...