Using people analytics to improve diversity recruiting strategies

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One Model is a valuable tool that helps us understand what's going on within the organization and make better decisions faster. With One Model, we’ve reduced the time required to answer important questions and become more proactive in taking actions that will help drive increased diversity in our pipeline and our organization.” – Kelley Gramolini, Vice President, Total Rewards and Human Resources Operations
Limited DEI reporting

Limited DEI reporting

As a healthcare company that values patients and people, Agios strives to foster a welcoming, diverse work environment where individuals of all backgrounds can thrive. Recently, Agios has increased their commitment to implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and improving diversity across their workforce, starting with employee recruitment. The leadership team is focused on growing the company in smarter ways, with a meticulous approach to its recruitment pipeline. For Agios, a diverse pipeline leads to a diverse organization. Naturally, the company believes wholeheartedly in measuring its progress and reporting these outcomes. But assembling reliable, accurate reports about DEI outcomes has been challenging and time-consuming. as these insights were manually extracted and compiled into reports by a single employee. Agios needed a way to streamline DEI reporting and generate new insights that inform decisions about its cultural mission.


Automated diversity insights

With One Model’s people analytics platform, Agios centralized existing data from multiple disparate sources to produce highly engaging and informative storyboards that showcase the company’s progress toward its cultural mission in real time. Starting with simple headcount, open requisition, and projected headcount storyboard, HR leaders now have important insights on tracked metrics and progress made with recruiting efforts. Agios executives receive monthly headcount, recruiting pipeline, and talent acquisition reports, made possible by One Model’s visually-appealing dashboards. Now, the Talent Acquisition Director and Chief People Officer have the real-time visibility needed to evaluate diversity outcomes across the hiring lifecycle. These automated deeper dives into the data eliminated extensive manual effort that was previously required to generate similar insights.

Automated diversity insights

Actionable reports

With real-time data, robust sharing features, and security capabilities

Powerful dashboards

For holistic views of their progress towards diversity metrics

Centralized datasets

A single source of truth pulling in data from all their existing HR systems

Data-informed DEI & hybrid strategies

Data-informed DEI & hybrid strategies

The storyboards produced within One Model Enterprise deliver reliable insights that empower stakeholders to make better-informed decisions. The talent acquisition team and HRBPs now have actionable insights on-demand, allowing them to easily evaluate DEI progress across multiple initiatives and confidently make data-backed decisions.

Agios also uses One Model to improve their remote and hybrid strategies. During the pandemic, the Agios workforce began spreading out geographically. One Model’s people analytics gives leaders critical information about where its workforce is located, so they can design programs to support employee connection and collaboration. One Model reveals the key data necessary to design a location strategy while remaining competitive in the market for top, diverse talent — empowering HR leaders to better support a dispersed and connected workforce and meet their corporate goals.

Improved diversity views

Agios built digestible data storyboards, so they can better monitor their DEI progress and inform their recruiting strategies.

Enabled data-driven decisions

By centralizing their HR systems into One Model, Agios can easily access better HR insights and make smarter talent decisions.

Informed hybrid approach

The Agios HR team used One Model insights to develop hybrid initiatives and connect their dispersed workforce.

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