How CASA enhanced
workforce insights
with One Model's people
analytics platform


    Struggling with manual processes

    The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) faced significant challenges in managing and analysing their workforce data. With various roles and responsibilities, it was crucial for CASA to understand their workforce dynamics to ensure operational safety and effective workforce management. But their existing systems were disjointed and required manual effort, making it difficult to gather and analyse data efficiently.

    "When I joined CASA about four years ago, to say everything was manual was probably a fair and accurate reflection," explained Philippa Crome, Executive Manager of CASA's Corporate Services Division. Reports took anywhere from 5-10 days to compile, leading to frustration among managers and the HR analytics team. "It was difficult for managers to get visibility of issues that we were asking them to lead and manage for the organisation," Crome added. This inefficiency hampered CASA's ability to make data-driven decisions.


    Implementing a comprehensive people analytics platform

    To address these challenges, CASA turned to One Model’s people analytics platform. One Model consolidated CASA's disparate data sources into a single, comprehensive people analytics platform, providing a holistic view of their workforce.

    "The team came up to me and said something has to change," Crome recalled. After thorough market research, the HR analytics team proposed One Model. Remarkably, within a week of engaging with One Model, they had a prototype ready. "From the time they were thinking about [the system], and then they actually started putting fingers to keyboards and working with [One Model], it was under a week when they gave me a prototype and said, 'What do you think?'"


    A single source of truth

    One Model draws on all data sources to provide comprehensive and holistic analytics, empowering CASA to understand workforce dynamics by activity and organisational structure.

    workforce projections

    One Model allows for trend analysis and forward projections, reducing the effort required from the workforce planning and analytics team. "It can actually draw on data and start doing trend analysis and projections."

    User engagement tracking

    One Model tracks system usage, helping CASA identify how executives and managers use the platform and how to support those who are less engaged. "We can search the system and find out who's using it, where they're going, what dashboards they're viewing, how long they're spending in there."

    CASA HR People Analytics

    Empowering better decision-making

    The implementation of One Model’s people analytics platform transformed CASA's workforce management and analytics capabilities. Managers and executives now have quick access to detailed workforce data, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly. "Any other executive manager can go in, get the raw data behind that, drill down for their division, and understand what their workforce looks like. In one click," noted Crome.

    Overall, One Model’s people analytics platform has significantly benefited CASA by streamlining their data processes, enhancing decision-making capabilities, and fostering greater engagement among executives and managers.

    Increased efficiency

    Reports that previously took 5-10 days to compile are now available instantaneously, freeing up valuable time for the HR analytics team and managers.

    Enhanced business decisions

    Executives and managers can now engage with workforce data at a granular level, improving their ability to manage and support their teams. "It enables them to engage in a different way with their own workforce."

    Improved user adoption

    The ease of use and comprehensive insights provided by One Model have turned skeptics into active users, enhancing overall organisational engagement with workforce analytics.

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