How Medibank HR
improved reporting &
with One Model

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    Wins with One Model


    Years' worth of data available on Day 1


    Duplicate HR reports identified & eliminated


    Dynamic dimensions & automated data models


    Struggling to answer business questions

    "We had SuccessFactors. We had all this investment in the underlying technology, which we're really happy with, and we understood all our processes. But we really had a disconnect between those processes and how we were reporting on them," begins Joshua Reader, Head of People Services at Medibank.

    "People were having a poor user experience using our HR reporting systems or tools. They found data hard to understand, and our reporting was hard, manual, and disconnected. We didn't know where to get support and struggled to work out who could get the right answers. We realized that we really needed a better reporting tool to help us get more out of our rich history of data."


    Empowering teams with the right tech

    "We had to live through a bit of pain to understand what we really wanted in a tool going forward, so we could actually start to make a difference on the business. And we needed a tool that would empower us to be very self-sufficient and also support other users. We didn't want to just have a tool that could produce a number and had no one behind it to help people understand that number or understand how to run that report. After exploring the market, we selected One Model to support Medibank's people analytics needs."

    Insights across the entire employee lifecycle

    "The scope really involves the entire employee lifecycle: recruitment, onboarding, our core health and safety, salaries, surveys, exits, workforce planning, leave, and payroll."

    HR and finance data in centralized reports

    "We brought in financials as well, so FTE and budgeting. Finance wanted to be part of our implementation, which actually helps for when we need more money to make improvements."

    User-friendly and intuitive platform

    "One Model is a better user experience. Users don't have to jump between multiple systems or multiple spreadsheets to find their answers. You'd be surprised how quickly that actually makes people happy."


    Delivering HR insights at speed and at scale

    "With One Model, we now have one place for all our reporting. We don't have to rely on Excel to actually join things together for us, and we've got multiple systems feeding into One Model. We can deliver reports in hours, not days. And that's a huge time saving for everybody because of that integrated model. That's something we couldn't do before."

    "If the board wants us to ask questions, we have the access and ability to quickly churn reports out and provide answers. We can ask, 'What's your strategy? What's your problem? How can we help you?' And we can go away and look at the data to uncover any insights."

    More HR influence

    "We're now transforming from people who just produce something for the sake of it to being people who influence business discussions."

    Lasting value

    "We can deliver reports in hours not days. And that's a huge time savings for everybody. This is not a One-Click-Wonder. People are actually using and liking it."

    Empowered leaders

    "Our senior executives and business leaders no longer have to wait for information. They can actually go grab it themselves."

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    One Model’s people analytics solutions help thriving companies make consistently great talent decisions at all levels of the organization. Large and rapidly-growing companies rely on our People Data Cloud™ people analytics platform because it takes all of the heavy lifting out of data extraction, cleansing, modeling, analytics, and reporting of enterprise workforce data. One Model pioneered people data orchestration, innovative visualizations, and flexible predictive models. HR and business teams trust its accurate reports and analyses. Data scientists, engineers, and people analytics professionals love the reduced technical burden. People Data Cloud is a uniquely transparent platform that drives ethical decisions and ensures the highest levels of security and privacy that human resource management demands.

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