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Squarespace HR
Finally Gains Real Insights with One Model

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The Customer

Founded in 2003, Squarespace has annual revenues of $300 million and supports over two million subscribers. The
software as a service company, which specializes in website building and hosting, has grown to a team of more than 1,143
talented individuals. As such, Squarespace is globally recognized as one of the largest website-building and hosting
companies in the world. 


One Model’s platform connected multiple sources and provided Squarespace with key recruitment and retention metrics to
ensure the rapidly growing company was competitive in these areas. One Model’s advanced, role-based permissions
provided Squarespace with the ability to share these insights with stakeholders across the company.

The Squarespace Company Challenge

Squarespace, the leading online tool for building and publishing websites, supports over two million websites for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. In 2015, the privately-held company harbored 550 employees and revenues topped $100 million. At this time, attracting and recruiting top talent while retaining prime talent during periods of rapid growth was a top initiative. Knowing they were in rapid growth mode, the forward-thinking team quickly recognized the value in a partner who would put systems in place to help them prepare for their next phase. Squarespace engaged One Model in the spring of 2017.

Prior to enlisting One Model’s help, Squarespace had data in siloed systems (recruiting data in Greenhouse, employee data in UltiPro, facilities data in a facilities system, etc.). Having this data in multiple places made it difficult to report on data across systems. Reporting and analysis was an onerous and manual affair with no direct linkages across systems to be able to deliver automation. Squarespace was facing a business challenge (identifying sourcing for key employees) as well as a technical challenge.

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According to Payscale, 70% of Technology Industry Employers cited retention as a top or high concern.
Squarespace company chooses One Model for People Analytics

Squarespace HR Solution

With the introduction of One Model, Squarespace could now easily connect their Greenhouse, UltiPro, and facilities data to report on both together in an automated fashion. Connection of this data and storing that linkage in UltiPro (Candidate ID, Application ID, and Requisition ID) now allow them to answer key business questions such as:

  • Where did Squarespace source our highest-performing employees from?
  • Do employees sourced by certain recruiters stay with Squarespace longer?
  • Does the experience during the recruiting process influence the employee’s first year with the company?
One Model’s robust catalogue of metrics and advanced, role-based security has allowed Squarespace to both create customized reports and data, and to easily share them with key stakeholders, including executives, managers, payroll, HRBPs, benefits, finance, and facilities teams.

People Analytics Results Delivered

Squarespace’s partnership with One Model allowed them to successfully scale their people analytics program and open up key insights involving recruiting and retention metrics during this high growth period. This foresight to enlist One Model was essential. By December of 2017, it reached 700 employees and about two million paying subscribers. Squarespace continues to rapidly grow. To date, the company has over 1,143 employees. This increased visibility not only impacted their recruiting process, but helped them see the value in the power of integrated systems in other areas as well. “The past few years, we’ve dreamed of connecting all of our people data,” says Nick Reyland, Squarespace People Tech Operations Lead. “Today, we’re well underway and already seeing an impact on our business.” Squarespace, which has made Crain’s “Best Places to Work in New York City” every year since 2012, is certainly a leader in innovation. However, it isn’t the only smaller company that recognizes the value of establishing a People Analytics program early on. According to recent data from, “89 percent of organizations have or are considering the ability of HR business partners to self-serve HR metrics and information.” Based on the success of Squarespace and similar-sized customers, we predict this number will only continue to increase. Squarespace’s other notable awards include 50 Best Workplaces for Parents, Fortune, and #1 New York-Based Employer Brand, via Hired.

Squarespace Voted Best Places to Work in New York City Since 2012.
Squarespace company chooses One Model for People Analytics
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