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14 disjointed HR systems

14 disjointed HR systems

Tabcorp had large amounts of data held in multiple disparate HR systems, with HR teams forced to manually pull data from these systems and place them into spreadsheets to run reports on even the most basic people metrics like headcount, staff turnover, leave balances, and training compliance. The Tabcorp brand is an amalgamation of five different gaming and media assets The Lott, Keno, TAB, SkyRacing, and MAX. This led to a complex web of multiple HR systems, each delivering a different output for the Tabcorp People and Culture team. “There is a recruitment system, a core HRIS, a performance system, a learning and development system, a listing system, a health and safety system, and a recognition system - how on earth is anyone supposed to make any sense of this?” said George Colvin, Formerly Tabcorp’s People Analytics and Insights Lead. Only George had access to all 14 systems, and 44% of Tabcorp people leaders said that systems and processes didn’t support them to get their work done effectively.”


A single, comprehensive PA platform

One Model delivered a complete solution, including:

  • Out-of-the-box context, including hundred of people metrics ready to analyse including headcount and full-time equivalent numbers at any given time (full history)
  • Training/course completion
  • Employee recognition
  • Remuneration, leave, and turnover
  • Demographics - diversity and inclusion
  • Build-in user capabilities to drill down to the individual, source data, metric definition, and internal benchmarks
  • Out-of-the-box storyboards focusing on the key issues that were front-of-mind at Tabcorp, with data refreshed daily
A single, comprehensive PA platform

A smooth implementation

While continuing to conduct their business as usual roles, Tabcorp's people analytics teams led their One Model implementation. At the conclusion of the implementation, Tabcorp had:

  • Onboarded seven years of historical information from their core HR system
  • Conducted a "high velocity pilot" experience with 30 of Tabcorp's leaders over a three-week period
  • Consulted Tabcorp executives about the project and designed, with One Model input, an intuitive, relevant, and secure user experience
  • Trained over 700 interval leaders across every state and territory to self-serve using the One Model system
  • Generated specific analytics for each of those 700 leaders
  • Dynamically assigned information based on the leader's position, location, etc. and allowed them to see just their specific information
  • Rolled out the entire programme nationally, starting with satellite offices in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, and South Australia, and two weeks later for NSW leaders, followed shortly by Queensland and Victoria
  • High adoption rates from Tabcorp stakeholders across the company
$2.5M in savings in Year 1

$2.5M in savings in Year 1

Tabcorp advised that One Model is saving each manager one hour per week on pulling data from different systems to get important information about their people. Managers were able to repurpose this time to work with their teams on core business activities. Extrapolated out over a year, that amounts to over 30,000 hours of manager time saved.  This brought $2.5 million in savings to Tabcorp in their first year with One Model.

"Now that we have all of our data in one place through One Model, we are really excited about the next steps in our journey with them utilising their full suite of predictive analytics, insights, and machine learning," says George Colvin.

Incredible time to value

With $2.5M saved in just the first year with One Model, Tabcorp's Finance team is loving the ROI they're seeing after adopting the people analytics system.

More data-driven decisions

By centralizing their HR systems into One Model, Tabcorp can easily access better HR insights and make smarter talent decisions.

Aligning HR & Finance

Leaders from HR and Finance can use One Model to build data storyboards from the same reliable datasets, creating a powerful partnership and answering their pressing business questions.

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