One Model Launches Multiple “Essentials” Editions of People Analytics Platform

HR Technology Conference (Booth #5122), Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 29, 2021 - One Model, a leading people analytics provider, has launched two new Essentials Editions of its platform:  People Analytics Essentials and People Data Essentials. People Analytics Essentials is designed for mid-market companies through to large enterprise teams just starting their workforce analytics journey, with the new edition providing the essentials to get started: integration to core workforce data from Workday or SuccessFactors (with Oracle and SAP HCM options to follow), data management, and a library of ready-to-use content for reporting and analysis. Customers can now easily choose where to start, and expand over time.

People Data Essentials is designed for teams who have the resources and skills to create their own people analytics architecture, and with One Model’s leading people data orchestration tools, can accelerate their build and improve scalability. Out-of-the-box analytics-ready data integrations, data models, and visualization content will help customers quickly leverage One Model’s leading-edge capabilities for delivering advanced people analytics programs.

“We recognize that people analytics is a journey, and that companies take different paths to building their practices,” said Tony Ashton, One Model’s Chief Product Officer. “With the Essentials Editions, we’re giving customers an easy way to get started with the most common connectors, analytics and storyboards, with a path to add capabilities such as predictive insights and advanced data science as they mature.”

As with the Enterprise Edition, the Essentials Editions also provide transparent access to underlying data, and outputs to external data sources including common enterprise data warehouses provided by Snowflake, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

“This offering was a game changer for us because we had wanted to use One Model for some time but couldn’t get past the roadblocks that IT had put in our way. Essentials lets us get started, and add to the solution as we demonstrate value,” said a large manufacturing customer.   

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As a People Analytics platform, One Model goes beyond just dashboards. With accurate & timely data, a flexible data model, predictive insights & AI, One Model empowers HR and business leaders with meaningful information to make strategic people decisions.

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Chris Butler is an HR Data and Analytics expert with a long history of working with the world’s most prestigious organizations to make them successful in their people analytics programs. Chris has a vision for how HR data will be used and how people analytics practices will mature and he is leading One Model to be at the forefront of this evolving industry.

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