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One AI Makes Explainable Turnover Forecasting Effortless

Machine Learning Explainability for Human Resources

One AI is the HR industry's leading machine learning and predictive analytics technology because it's flexible, secure, and transparent. Watch Taylor Clark, our Chief Data Scientist, demo a brilliant turnover forecast in seconds in the video below.

In Taylor's example, you can see turnover going up over time and then coming back down a little. But how can you inform decisions about which direction the trend could go moving forward? And how can you confidently stand behind that prediction? With One AI, it only takes a click.

A powerful forecast in a single click? Yes!

Generally, Taylor suggests that people think about turnover trends from multiple contexts and perspectives. So in the linked video, he shares his screen to demonstrate the HR industry's fastest way to analyse turnover. In the People Data Cloud™️ platform, it's a single click on the "light bulb" icon of any table, chart, or graph.

Once clicked, you see One AI thinking in the background and doing a lot of math. Suddenly, it produces a forecast.

What does the cone mean?

The shaded cone over the forecasted zone of the graph is considered the range of uncertainty. It's also known as an uncertainty interval or a confidence interval to mathematicians and statisticians. But here's what it's telling us: the actual results could lie anywhere within this cone when that time comes. The range of possible outcomes is also influenced by the modelling technique that is used by One AI.

How can decision makers trust this forecast?

Most responsible business leaders need to trust the analyses that they are given. Often, this involves understanding the assumptions and techniques used to generate the analysis. One AI has you covered! The easiest way to win confidence and trust in a forecast with One AI is to simply click on any point within the forecasted range. Then you'll see a pop-up on the screen that shows a whole bunch of information. It includes information such as the upper and lower bounds of the forecast, the different types of algorithms that were used in making the prediction, and even the transformations and data sets used to generate the possible outcomes.

You don't need to be a PhD to know that this is the first and only HR technology to offer model explainability and explainable artificial intelligence directly in the reports and as an embedded feature of the analysis.

Only One AI is this flexible and transparent.

This approach to forecasting is unique in that it can be applied to any table or chart within the People Data Cloud platform. Gone are the days when your data science team needed to recreate the wheel for every single forecast demanded by the business. And gone are the days when you need a data science team for every single type of forecast. Now your modeling teams can build a predictive tool that can be reused and reapplied across a broad range of talent decisions, including attrition, performance, engagement, advancement, and so on.


See how One AI takes your forecasting game to the next level.

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