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People Analytics Success: What Makes One Model Special

HR professionals have heard the stories and read the news. Large organisations are having considerable success implementing a people analytics strategy for their organisations. That may leave you wondering what people analytics success can do for your own organisation. Perhaps you fantasise about incredible dashboards, with charts and graphs that are elegant and easy to disseminate across your teams and decision-makers. Maybe you yearn for your organisation’s people data to be governed and protected with the same diligence as other enterprise resource planning (ERP) data strategies. Or perhaps you simply want an end to the back-and-forth that’s associated with custom analysis and forecasting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an HR data analytics technology that orchestrates everything needed for decision-makers to be able to make brilliant decisions quickly?

Envision Winning on HR Analytics

It's important to think about how your organisation will win with an HR analytics results approach that encompasses people analytics tools.  

For example, you will need to make a choice between buying an HR analytics platform or building one. If you choose to build a people analytics platform in-house (or you engage an outside party to build a custom people analytics platform for you, then you are accepting a loss in scalability, reducing time to value, and almost certainly limiting the completeness of your analytics-ready data set. We explain more about this choice in a recent whitepaper. Learn more

On the other hand, if you choose to buy an off-the-shelf people analytics platform, you will surely find out that not all solutions are the same. 

As one of the industry’s most respected people analytics platforms, One Model brings an obsession around customer success that is unique when compared to other solutions on the market. We asked a number of our team here at One Model to share why they’re so passionate about customer success with people analytics. 

If you’re asking yourself, “What can people analytics do for me?”, keep reading. 

Building a Product that Creates Success

Will Myers, One Model Product Lead

Will spends his days making sure that One Model’s People Data Cloud™ people analytics platform delivers the result that our customers expect. He notes that, before you can create brilliant people stories or deliver impactful insights to across your organisation, you must first access the data that is needed, anywhere it may live. That’s tricky because these traditional data sources and repositories often lack the interfaces needed to do this. So you have to trust the team behind the technology to get data orchestration where it needs to be.

Delivering Results by Changing How HR Teams Work

Kelley Kirkpatrick, One Model Customer Success Lead in Australia

Throughout her career, Kelley has seen HR teams collaborate over people data in countless ways. She has a unique perspective when it comes to investing in human resources data analysis technology. In her video, she lets us know that both data and people are key things to “get right” when expanding people analytics capabilities. Transparency drives trust, so Kelley works to ensure that People Data Cloud is the most transparent people analytics tool for her customers. It’s her favourite way to directly access metrics and models built from your data.

Quick Turn-arounds Lead to More Wins

Nicole LI, One Model Senior UX designer



Nicole shares a great example that many technology buyers overlook when selecting a software vendor or technology partner. Most customers expect continuous improvement and rapid innovation. But they rarely get that from large companies. She’s extremely proud of One Model’s approach. It’s exciting to turn around upgrades and new features in a 2-week sprint. As our Senior UX Designer, Nicole thrives on solving problems quickly for her customers. She has some exciting user experience innovations to roll out in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Everyone in Your Organisation Wins

Jen Lincoln, One Model Customer Success Specialist


Jen points out that unlocking your data to all the people leaders in the organisation generates excitement within her customer’s internal teams. One Model is democratising analytics and machine learning, so more people can make better decisions, faster.

Have you been able to guess another big One Model strength from these videos?

One Model People Make the Difference

You can clearly see in these videos that the people we have at One Model make all the difference in your company’s people analytics success experience. We have talented product designers and developers that create unique, innovative tech and customer success champions that roll up their sleeves and do the heavy lifting for all of our customers. Our difference boils down to three strengths: people, platform, and product. I’m honoured to work with every member of the One Model team.

We love talking about winning on HR Analytics! Want to have a conversation with a great member of the One Model team?

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