"Explore the Power of People Analytics" an eBook for HR and Business Leaders.

As part of a recent People Analytics course from the Future Workplace, Nicholas Garbis joined forces with course leader Heather Whiteman, PhD to co-author an eBook on People Analytics called "Explore the Power of People Analytics: A Guide for Business and HR Leaders".

While the book was specifically aimed at a general HR and business leader audience, we quickly found that a number of well-accomplished People Analytics leaders were getting value out of it as well. 

Whereas some of the HR and business leaders may be entering this content for the first time, the more mature people analytics leaders are always searching for that same introductory content that can help them to increase understanding and adoption of their team's work.

We are here to accelerate you people analytics journey.

As titled, the aim of the eBook is to "explore" the topic of People Analytics. In terms of a journey, this is a guidebook that highlights various "points of interest" that make the journey interesting and worth pursuing.

ebook-explore-the-power-of-people-analytics Download the eBook (.pdf)

Explore the Power of People Analytics

We hope this eBook sparks ideas for how you can apply people analytics in your organization and makes it more accessible for your teams. We invite you to start building greater capability in this area so you can take advantage of the opportunities people analytics makes possible.

View or download a copy of the eBook here.


Paperback edition is available on Amazon.com.

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Nicholas was the Vice President of People Analytics Strategy at One Model from 2020 to 2022, bringing 15+ years of experience in people analytics & workforce planning to help One Model's customers to establish their analytics and planning strategies. Nicholas also contributes to product innovations based on his experience with customers and his previous roles building and leading people analytics teams. Nicholas also contributes to thought leadership through content and presentations, such as his recent eBook " Explore the Power of People Analytics"

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