What is Well-Being at Work and Why Does It Matter?

Most large employers are already required by law to ensure that workers are safe and workplace risks are minimised as much as possible. But a new school of thought has emerged around the concept of well-being at work. Whether you've followed this trend closely or this is the first you're hearing of it, well-being has been studied and there is interesting data available about it. 


We Asked an Expert about Implementing Well-being at Work

My colleague Richard Rosenow recently invited his good friend Matt Diabes, a Ph.D candidate at the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business to discuss well-being in incredible new detail. His research demonstrates that well-being is far more complex than ping-pong tables and good pay. Watch their lively and informative discussion to understand what well-being is and how managers and organisations can harness the promise of well-being for great talent outcomes.

If your organisation has thousands and thousands of workers whose well-being matters to you, you'll want to be able to measure well-being at your company. Find out how One Model can help you report on well-being and how to achieve organisational well-being goals.

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