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SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics is DEAD, an offer for all WFA customers


The SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (platform pictured above) is soon to be sunset.

If you haven't heard already, the SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning teams were made redundant yesterday.

Product, Support, and Engineering teams for the platform (pictured above) have been given notice leaving a handful of services to maintain existing customer deployments.  A lot of talented friends and pioneers in people analytics are now looking for new jobs.  

If and when formal word comes out of SAP, I am sure it will be along the lines of "Workforce Analytics (WFA) is not dead but moving to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)" with no specific timeline or plan for doing so let alone whether equivalent capability will be available (it won't be).     

Luckily, if you're up and running on WFA you've done all the hard work to get there.  Your data is flowing and your business logic is defined. 

I'm here to offer all WFA customers a transition to One Model with no cost and a promise you'll be up and running with a more capable solution in a matter of days.

Move to One Model

Simply switch your existing data feeds to One Model, provide us your WFA data specification, and we'll do the rest. Literally - we'll have you up and running in a matter of days. And we can do more in more in a single day than SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics used to be able to provide in six weeks.  


What's awesome about One Model:

  • Experience an all-inclusive platform: access all your data with no limits, no modules, and no implementation fees.
  • Leverage our experience, models, and content catalogues.
  • Don't deal with extra charges: no paid services for building metrics, dimensions, and building new modules.
  • Daily data refreshes.
  • Get a real HR Data Strategy built for the future of people analytics that will fully support your evolving technology landscape.
  • Gain full access to the data warehouse, data modeling, and full exposure for user transparency.
  • Plug in your own tools like Tableau, Excel, SAC.
  • Truly system agnostic.
  • Access automated machine learning to build custom predictive models relevant to you.
  • Use the worlds most advanced Role Based Security and overcome the challenges you currently have providing secure data views to the right users.
  • Embed within SuccessFactors using a SF extension built by one of our partners.
  • Embed within Portals like Sharepoint, and Confluence.
  • Feed external systems and vendors with clean, consolidated data and use us as part of any system migration to maintain history and configure data for the new system.   
  • Way too much more to list here...


The Offer:

  1. Switch to One Model with no implementation fee.
  2. Redirect your feeds.
  3. Provide your Workforce Analytics data specification.
  4. Receive a people analytics infrastructure and toolkit built to support your growth in maturity and capability.
  5. Bonus: One Model will match the SF WFA subscription price if our subscription is higher.

Move to One Model

HR Analytics should flow as a by-product of how you manage your people data. 

HRExaminer_WatchList"This is the way data will be managed."

"OneModel’s approach is significantly different from the rest of the pack. It understands the dynamic nature of organizations and provides monitoring and maintenance capacity for the inevitable moment in which a data model ceases to be effective."

- John Sumser, HR Examiner

About One Model

One Model provides a data management platform and comprehensive suite of people analytics directly from various HR technology platforms to measure all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Use our out-of-the-box integrations, metrics, analytics, and dashboards, or create your own as you need to. We provide a full platform for delivering more information, measurement, and accountability from your team.  

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