John Carter

John is a certified PMP, CSM with over 25 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies glean insights from their analytics tools to improve their organizations and their teams. He has a long history of managing teams, large and small and leadership development from within those teams. He loves telling stories of how he has used data to create positive change, elevate teams and improve the quality and effectiveness of his teams. Outside the numbers, John is an avid Boston sports fan who undoubtedly bleeds Black and Gold.

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Understanding Non-Revenue Employees: The Backbone of Business Success

When examining the workforce dynamics of an organization, it's common to fixate on revenue-generating roles. After all, these positions are directly responsible for bringing in profits. However, focusing solely on revenue-centric roles leaves out a...

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8 Manager Effectiveness Metrics to Track

Effective vs. Ineffective Leaders Successful teams are measured by how well they achieve their set goals and metrics. Effective leaders use the tools...

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