One Model launches Labor Market Intel!

Here at One Model, we are the best in the world at orchestrating and driving insight from the dozens of internal systems that our customers use to manage their workforces.  What our customers...

VIDEO: Labor Markets Press Conference, July 28, 2020

On July 28, 2020, Nicholas Garbis of One Model and Cary Sparrow of Greenwich.HR delivered a press conference from the floor of the old Minneapolis Grain Exchange to discuss emerging trends in the...

The June jobs report was good. Here’s why July will be even better.

SUMMARY: June was great at 4.8 million new jobs. July will be over 6 million.

Business Hiring Outlook in the US: Small Signs of Recovery Slipping Away?

Two weeks ago, we released a new publicly available Covid Job Impact website to share daily data and insights on US job listings by industry, job family/role, and region/state.