Why are we building One Model for Human Resources

The One Model team has a huge amount of experience in the HR data and analytics field.  Our careers started at Infohrm, the world’s first SaaS workforce analytics provider.  Infohrm was acquired by SuccessFactors in 2010 and we later moved into SAP with their acquisition of SF in 2012.  As a result we’ve worked with more customers across more data sources than just about anyone else in the world.  Customers with 200 employees right through to 600,000 employee behemoth organizations.  This experience has earned us a unique perspective on how organizations currently use their people data, how they could be using their data in a perfect world and the amount of supporting technology that is available to them.  
We’ve learned that data and the correct management of it, is the real key to organizations becoming successful with their talent analytics programs.   Every company I have ever met struggles with their HR data.  Visualization tools are a red herring to true capability without a properly constructed and maintained method for bringing together all of your HR technology data.  It will give you some early wins but you’ll soon outgrow the offered capability with nowhere else to go. 
Analytics, planning, and even application integration should flow as a natural byproduct of a well-executed data strategy.  This is what we bring to our customers with One Model.
All of your HR technology data brought together in a single unified source, automatically organized into expert built data models ready for intelligence and to support any other use case.  With all of your data together regardless of the source the opportunities for using this data, for choosing better business software, and interaction between data sets become limitless.  
Our passion is for this data set and the HR challenges we can solve with it. We have always wanted to be able to build without restriction, the tools to collect data, to build the calculations, algorithms, and thought leadership initiatives we know our customers want.  One Model is architected exactly for that, highly automated, flexible, intuitive, and open to use any other toolset you may have already invested in or want to invest in.  Easily use tableau, qlikview, excel, and successfactors workforce analytics. See how we compare to the competition. 

We are looking for more great customers to come on board and help us refine our roadmap and prioritize capabilities important to you.  On premise or cloud sources we’re ready to onboard your data and give you complete control, please contact me if you would like to join our customer engagement program.    

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Chris Butler is an HR Data and Analytics expert with a long history of working with the world’s most prestigious organizations to make them successful in their people analytics programs. Chris has a vision for how HR data will be used and how people analytics practices will mature and he is leading One Model to be at the forefront of this evolving industry.

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