Tony Ashton

Tony is an experienced technology and human resources leader specialising in People Analytics, Workforce Planning, Strategic HR and Product Management. Tony led analytics product management at SAP SuccessFactors and before that, at Infohrm. Tony is passionate about creating new technologies to help companies harness the power of their people.

SAP Successfactors People Analytics Reporting Deprecation

2 min read

What's Your Best Move in the Wake of the SAP SuccessFactors Reporting Sunset?

The recent announcement by SAP SuccessFactors to sunset its legacy people analytics product leaves SAP SuccessFactors customers facing significant uncertainty. The sunset signals the deprecation of some* key reporting technologies used by SAP...

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13 min read

Overcoming 6 Key Challenges in Establishing a Data Analytics Capability

[This article is taken from a presentation I delivered as part of a broader session on People Analytics for the Australian Human Resources Institute...

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4 min read

How to mitigate the likelihood of an underpayments scandal

Following recent media reports that another significant Australian institution has been involved in an underpayments scandal, we thought it...

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3 min read

Telling Stories with Data and Engaging Your Audience

In the last One Model product update post I talked about our new user experience and hinted at some exciting new developments on the horizon. In this...

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5 min read

Why I'm Excited to Join One Model - by our New Chief Product Officer, Tony Ashton

Here at One Model, we are incredibly excited to have Tony Ashton join us from SAP SuccessFactors as our first Chief Product Officer and there is no...

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