Grow your People Analytics Maturity with Exploratory Data Analysis

During my daily discussions with One Model prospects and customers, two consistent themes emerge:  A general lack of understanding predictive modeling and a delay in considering its use until basic...
Grow your People Analytics Maturity with Exploratory Data Analysis

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May 9, 2022 Joe Grohovsky

HR Law: Will your People Analytics AI activity create legal concerns?

  In a recent editorial (here), Emerging Intelligence Columnist John Sumser explains how pending EU Artificial Intelligence (AI)...
November 23, 2020 Joe Grohovsky

Why do some People Analytics stakeholders settle for limited products?

As a result of my blogs and customer conversations, I receive a variety of interesting comments and feedback from my contacts in the People...
October 5, 2020 Joe Grohovsky

3 Reasons People Analytics Teams Drag their Feet on Machine Learning for HR, and Why AI is Not as Intimidating as You Might Think

Most of my One Model work involves chatting with People Analytics professionals discussing how our technology enables them to perform their...
June 8, 2020 Joe Grohovsky

What Makes a Successful People Analytics Professional?

To help understand why some People Analytics professionals are more successful than others I undertook a worldwide request for insight.  I...
April 7, 2020 Joe Grohovsky

John Sumser: 12 Questions to Ask an Artificial Intelligence Solution

John Sumser, one of the most insightful industry analysts in HR, recently wrote an article providing guidance on the selection of machine...