Key Metrics for Succession Planning

Key Metrics for Succession Planning
Succession planning is a strategic HR function. Its purpose is to map out key positions in the organization and identify potential successors who are (or will be) ready to step into those key...
Key Metrics for Succession Planning

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September 1, 2023 Phil Schrader

SuccessFactors:  The Goldilocks Applicant Tracking System

It’s always good news when a prospective One Model customer tells me that they use SuccessFactors for recruiting. Given that HR technology...
August 17, 2023 Phil Schrader

The One Model Difference #1: We're Your HR Data Cleansing Service

The One Model difference that really sets us apart is our ability to extract all your messy data and clean it into a standardized data...
July 21, 2023 Phil Schrader

People Analytics sneaky frustration: How to count people over time?

Analytics is a funny discipline. On one hand, we deal with idealized models of how the world works. On the other hand, we are constantly...
May 23, 2023 Phil Schrader

Why HR teams should monitor net hires

I recently sat down with Culture Curated’s Season Chapman and Yuliana Lopez to ask them which metrics were their favourite and Yuliana said...
March 15, 2023 Phil Schrader

Urgent Report Request! What is the Cost of New Hires and Terminations?

It's an all too common scenario: a rush request coming in from the leadership team, in this case leadership in the finance department. They...
February 8, 2023 Phil Schrader

How to Calculate the Cost of Turnover to Combat Voluntary Resignation Reasons

Turnover is the strongest signal you get from your workforce. Someone worked here, and — for one reason or another — it didn’t work out....
January 19, 2023 Phil Schrader

Your Recruiters are Impacting Your Employee Outcomes

The Power of Combining Data Sources
December 28, 2022 Phil Schrader

You Need to Know Your Recruiting Cost for Applicant Sourcing

It can be hard to select the right people analytics projects. There’s no shortage of options to choose from-- turnover risk, career path...
November 21, 2022 Phil Schrader

4 Advantages of People Analytics in a Recession

People analytics provides insight into your organisation’s workforce. Your company’s workforce is at or near the top of your organisation’s...
September 7, 2022 Phil Schrader

Average Revenue per Employee - How to Calculate, Segment, and Benchmark

People analytics teams tend to shy away from calculating revenue per employee. It’s a very macro number. On its own, a single revenue per...
August 24, 2022 Phil Schrader

8 Essential People Analytics Dashboards

As a people analytics leader, you’re going to be confronted with some not-to-simple, horribly open-ended questions: “Hey, so what do you...
April 19, 2022 Phil Schrader

Evaluating A Predictive Model: Good Smells and Bad Smells

Post 1: Sniffing for Bull***t. As a people analytics professional, you are now expected to make decisions about whether to use various...
April 22, 2021 Phil Schrader

Greenhouse Workday Integration with Engagement Surveys: The Secrets Your Cohorts are Hiding.

Thanks for stopping by the blog to check out our work on integrating Workday, Greenhouse, and Engagement Survey data. Along with a video ...
January 11, 2019 Phil Schrader

The Case for Doing Things Backwards in 2019

As the people analytics leader in your organization, you are responsible for transforming people data into a unique competitive...
July 11, 2018 Phil Schrader

Time Is On My Side: The Requisition Cholesterol Graph

Last week I was doodling some recruiting graphs in my notebook, with an eye toward building out some new recruiting efficiency dashboards....
April 23, 2018 Phil Schrader

Steam Powered Data Science for HR

We’re back with another installment of our One Model Difference series. On the heels of our One AI announcement, how could we not take this...
March 15, 2018 Phil Schrader

The One Model Difference #11 - Your Data Insurance Policy

There will be over 400 HR product and service providers in the expo hall at HR Tech in September. A typical company makes use of 8 - 11 of...
February 21, 2018 Phil Schrader

The One Model Difference #17: The Most Advanced Role-Based Security

People often ask us, "What makes One Model different?" Well...there's a lot we could show and tell. We've decided to respond with a series...